Chicken and egg problem for IWB use in French high schools

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Charlotte Fichou, a journalist student at the Sorbonne University in Paris has published an article on IWB use in French high schools on her blog:
(Digital revolution delayed in French high schools)

The article gives statistics on IWB use in French high schools: the number of IWBs remains low, and teachers have problems of access as well as maintenance.

A number of teachers, trainers and researchers in ICT are quoted, including Colin de la Higuera of a French academic society for computer and information science (Société Informatique de France) who says

"It's a problem of the chicken and the egg: teachers are not trained in computer science so there is no-one to teach today's pupils."

Similarly, higher education teachers preparing students for competitive recruitment exams for primary and secondary schools have not been trained in using technology for teaching.  They are therefore unable to train the next generation of teachers effectively.

iTILT is mentioned as a example of a tool for independent teacher development which can help address this issue.

iTILT, a tool for self-training in new technologies

A European project launched in 2011, iTILT is an example of a successful initiative to support the integration of ICT in French high schools (and other educational sectors).  The project partners followed 44 language teachers in several countries to produce over 250 videos illustrating possible uses of the IWB which can be viewed online.  The project takes as its starting point the increase in technology in classrooms and seeks to understand its impact on pedagogical interactivity.  The site was launched in January 2013 with the aim of compensating for lack of access to training by providing concrete examples of the kinds of activities which are made possible with new technologies., available in 6 languages.