TELLConsult's latest dissemination activities

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These past 2 months iTILT partner TELLConsult was involved in several face-to-face, both NL-local and international, dissemination activities.

As invited speaker at the 2011 Members Meeting of the Anglia Europe network we presented an overview of the iTILT project. We also did a workshop on using a number of typical IWB features to promote dialogue and social interaction in the MFL classroom.

At this workshop as well as one we did at the annual Conference, Studiedag 2011, of the NL Association of language teachers 'Levende Talen' we asked participants to contribute to iTILT's  baseline research by completing the online questionnaire provided by UWIC, Cardiff School of Education, the UK iTILT partner. We will report on the results which are currently being analysed.
The conference committee has published our contribution on the development of iTILT's criteria for quality of IWB materials in language education on the Association's site.

For other language teachers interested in particpating in this research about familiarity with and views on educational use of IWBs this version of the online questionnaire is available. Completing does not take more than about 5 minutes and we would greatly appreciate your submission. 

At the Café International 2011 Conference, where we were invited to provide ideas on virtual mobility for Internationalisation @ Home policy development at Hogeschool Utrecht (HU), we described how the resources that will be accessible in iTILT's repository can be implemented in teacher education and how teacher trainers and student teachers could be involved in the project's further development. See my blog report and/or download the presentation here.


To the final meeting of the EU project 'ETALAGE' in Budapest we contributed an invited presentation entitled 'Task-supported language teaching and technology-enhanced learning'.

The international audience at this conference evidently provided an excellent opportunity to disseminate progress and results of projects and initiatives TELLConsult is involved in by referring to them in the presentation, providing information during breaks and distributing related flyers and DVDs.
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