Efficiency of the IWB

The iTILT-training handbookoffers a set of criteria to be used when designing IWB materials for foreign language lessons.  One of the criteria focuses specifically on the efficiency of the IWB: ‘’When designing IWB-based activities teachers should measure the personal cost of integrating the IWB against its return and its efficiency. In other words, they should ask themselves whether the same activity could not be implemented more easily via other means’’ (page 14).  

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Second iTILT pilot

This month we will be starting the second pilot of our website. We will be using a questionnaire for this pilot but contacting a different target groups (companies,schools, universities) to get their feedback on our website and resources. We would greatly appreciate your feedback on our website and kindly ask you to complete a short online-questionnaire which will only take a few minutes: data we obtain will help us enhance the usability of the website.